1. How do I register?
Registration is by credit card or mail in check.
Any early registration discounts are only valid if the payment is received on or before the deadline cut off. All checks mailed in must be received 7 days after online registration.

2. How do I pay?
Studio check, certified check or Money Order, Mastercard or Visa. All funds must be US Funds.

3. Can I come for 1 or 2 days?
Yes. Our pricing is listed for one day as most of our events are one day events with a competition on the second day. However, there are some conventions which will be two days and you would have the option to sign up for the second day at 50 percent off.

4. If I attend more than 1 city is there a discount?
Yes. The second city you attend is 50 percent off.

5. How do I get a schedule?
A schedule is posted online 7 days prior to the event.

6. How do I check in?
Check in will be listed on the schedule

7. What time do classes generally begin?
Classes generally begin at 9am. Again, the schedule will explain this in detail. Ballrooms for each age division. Petites, Juniors, and Teachers have their own room. Teens and Seniors share a room. If chosen as an NYDE dancer what do I do? You will perform the evening following the convention. No costumes will be needed.

Observers must purchase observer passes. You can sign up to be an observer monitor which will monitor the doors and that is free of charge but limited to one person per ballroom so ask in advance.

8. Are there tickets to the Showcase?
Yes. Admission is $10.00

9. How do I submit my music?
Music for showcase should be submitted with a USB and please bring CD backups just in case, but USB preferred

How many dances can each studio enter in the competition? There is no limit but you must attend the convention to sign up for the competition.

Video and photography is not permitted.

November 03 - 04 Chicago, IL
November 10 - 11 Houston, TX
November 17 - 18 Boston, MA
March 16 - 17 Saddle Brook, NJ